Sunday, March 26, 2006

Vegan Sushi Challenge

I struggled with whether to make something safe for my first cooking post, or to go all-out and try something a little more difficult, maybe even daunting. I had happened upon some recipes for yummy-looking maki rolls over at the Post Punk Kitchen
, and decided that this was exactly what I needed. Since I had never attempted to make sushi before, off I went to purchase a long list of ingredients. Several dollars and a few elephant rolls later, I'd like to share with you some discoveries I made:

1) If the instructions on the back of the box of your sushi rice seem to demand a geisha-like preparation ritual, follow it anyway. My first batch of rice (the one I rinsed and drained) was doing well until I burned it a bit. So I skipped those steps on my second try, and although the rice did eventually turn out, it was far wetter and didn't cook nearly as fast.

2) Nori paper stinks. No, really, it does.

Brian and Ali were happy to be my guinea pigs. The consenus? The sushi was good, but not very filling. So afterward, we made a homemade pizza with lots of garlic.


Jackie said...

I do think that you've inspired me, Rachel. I've always thought that making sushi at home would be more labor intensive than it's worth. Of course, now I'm entirely bored with my normal food since I am constantly cooking it for myself and I'm completely grossed myself out about meat. Perhaps I shall try sushi. But then I'd have to buy that mat... we'll see.

Jackie said...
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