Sunday, April 02, 2006

Mon petit choufleur

Cauliflower is a vegetable that deserves more respect. Having recently returned from the librarian karaoke challenge (I was actually at a three-day conference, of which the karaoke was a small but entertaining part), yesterday I made myself a lovely Indian meal of yellow rice, flatbread, and cauliflower pakoras. Apparently, true pakoras are vegetable fritters made with chickpea flour, but my recipe - from Robin Robertson's truly useful Vegan Planet - called for all-purpose flour. The trick is to thinly slice the cauliflower so that it cooks all the way through during its short bath in the hot oil. The result? Melt-in-your-mouth veggie goodness underneath a crispy, spicy exterior. Mmm... the flatbread and rice weren't bad, either.

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Jackie said...

Might I comment that the flatbread was very disturbing? At first I thought it was pork, but I knew I was reading your blog, so it couldn't be, then I thought it was some patty of cauliflower, but no, that wasn't right. How did you make the rice? That looks FABULOUS. The whole meal does, one you figure out what it is. Maybe embrace the garnish movement for some color? Glad to know that the lib fest went well! Mine's in 2 weeks.