Thursday, July 13, 2006

NOLA photos

Canal Street Trolley

So I'm going to indulge a little off-topic post here and put up some pictures of New Orleans. I wish I had more (and better) pictures, but I'm still holding off on purchasing a digital camera. Brandon and I went to look at digital SLR camera bodies the other week -- mighty expensive, I tell you. These were taken with a cheap disposable camera, since I didn't feel like lugging the big manual around.

Street Music Alive and Kickin'

Also, if you haven't given money recently to aid in rebuilding after Katrina recently, here are two good causes:

Louisiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence
As of March, only two domestic violence shelters in New Orleans have reopened. News reports indicate that incidents of domestic violence have spiked since the hurricane, perhaps as much as 80 percent. With nowhere else to live, many women may be choosing to stay with their abusers.

2) Plan B: The New Orleans Community Bike Project

A volunteer-run DIY bike shop that provides a work space, recycled bikes and parts, and assistance with repairs. I saw many people riding AWESOME bikes in New Orleans -- lots of cruisers and bikes with customized paint jobs -- and I hope next time I visit I'll see even more.

So please consider giving either organization a few of your hard-earned dollars. If you're the type of person who thrives on recognition, let me know about it and I'll cook you dinner, or send you a mix CD or a zine or something.

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