Friday, July 21, 2006


It's only mid-July, but already the amount of food we're getting from our CSA is getting ahead of me. Here's a list of what we received this week:

Lettuce (Escarole and Romaine)
Tomatoes (just 2 this week - but I think many more are on their way)

This week we got a patty pan squash, which I've never tried before. I wasn't much of a squash lover as a kid (This is a gross understatement; my parents have a picture of me at age nine, gagging and rolling my eyes while trying to eat butternut squash), so now I'm trying to make up for lost time. Patty pan squash is beautiful - it's like the Miss Universe of squash.

I just finished making stuffed squash from a recipe I found on VegWeb. I used a pale green summer squash as opposed to zucchini, and substituted oregano for marjoram, but otherwise followed the recipe pretty well. The filling is slightly spicy and garlicy, and complements the squash well. I asked Brandon what kind of squash it is exactly, but he doesn't know, he just picks up the vegetables and doesn't ask questions (Brandon's philosophy of not asking also applies to news like friends moving or having babies, but I still pepper him with questions).

I've decided to tag all past and future recipes that I find on the web using Just search under "flooovde." Maybe I can incorporate the ability to tag my posts into this blog somehow, but that might take a while, techsavvy individual that I am.

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Jackie said...

Yeah, so that's so not what I was picturing in my mind when you were telling me about them on the phone. These are much cuter. And lord knows, you wouldn't want to eat un-cute food!