Monday, August 21, 2006

Meet Daryl Hannah

You may know her from films like Splash and... well, okay, if you're like me, you're really only familiar with her because of Splash. But did you know that Daryl Hannah is also a vegetarian and environmental activist? Now she can add video blogger to her credentials. What does this have to do with food? Well, in the third episode of her enviroblog, Daryl profiles a funky vegan eatery. I also got a secret thrill from watching her lick her gas cap (no, that's not a sexual innuendo) while discussing the nontoxicity of biodiesel. If I had to criticize her blog at all, I would say that there's not enough supplemental info about the cool things she checks out. Otherwise, it's a well-produced resource for anyone interested in the many facets of environmentalism.

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Jackie said...

Dude, I know her from Kill Bill. That fight rocked.